Get a custom domain
E-Mail address that is private and integrated.
Use a customized domain or integrate into an existing one.
Register details for your new orders and track fulfillment progress.
Time Management
Keep an eye on your appointments, calendar, tasks, projects and deadlines.
My Files
10GB storage included for your logos, branding, forms, multimedia, documents and other files.
Office Suite
Write documents, create spreadsheets, make presentations or draw images.
Get Paid
Accept Credit Cards and have an online store. Small fees apply.
Know when invoices were sent, who owes you money or create sales and tax reports.
Always know what items are currently in your inventory and what sells best.
Products & Vendors
Maintain a database with information about your products, vendors and prices.
Fleet Management
Keep track of the mileage, maintenance and use of your vehicle fleet.
Talk to your customers and employees in private or public chats.
Social Media
Management, creation and integration of Social Media profiles and Blogs.
Phone Desktop
Manage your Android device in Cassini via Wi-Fi.
Camera Feed
Live images from your webcam synced to Cassini.
Stay Informed
Current news, sports, stock and weather feeds.
Cassini is perfect to manage your household. Stay on top of chores, finances and birthdays.
Stay a step ahead by tracking your fitness goals and accomplishments.
Medical Info
Keep track of medical and insurance records. Schedule medication intake.
Pet Health
Manage your pets health, medication and expenses.
Enjoy your favorite music and videos and create playlists.
Food & Kitchen
Save your recipes, make shopping lists and schedule meals.